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Do you want strong muscles and a nice physique? Do you want to boost your metabolism levels? Do you want to stimulate protein synthesis? Do you want to get rid of unnecessary fat from your body? Here comes a highly advanced magical formula that will provide you great boost in building up your body. AfterBurner Extreme is a muscle building supplement that will enhance your post workout growth and repair.

An Overview

AfterBurner Extreme is a muscle builder that will provide boost to your muscle power and also lessen the breakdown of muscles. This product will help immensely in optimizing post workout anabolic phase. This product is a comprehensive post workout supplement that is specially made for athletes and the ones who are gym enthusiasts. It provides you total nutrition replenishment.

It assists in enhancing growth and repair and helps in reduction of breakdown of muscles. It assists in refueling energy stores and makes you recover fast. It has tremendous anti-oxidant properties. This formula is clinically proven and formulated properly to fuse carbohydrates and enhance energy in the body.

This formula provides you instant, everlasting cellular replenishment. The antioxidants in this product assist in recovering from exhaustion and muscle tears. It also aids in building up your immune system and the muscle mass. It gives your body great power and strength. This product helps in burning stored fat and provides more energy in your body.


AfterBurner Extreme is a muscle building formula that comprises of potent ingredients to help in muscle growth and in the restoration of energy. It enhances metabolism. It helps in stimulation of Muscle protein synthesis. This product has vital compound in it that help in revitalizing your body. It helps in fast delivery of nutrients in the body and enables muscle repair and growth. The ingredients in it help in recovering and building the internal environment in the body. In this phase the body is required to be completely replenished with proteins and vital nutrients so as to pump up the muscles tremendously.

How does it work?

AfterBurner Extreme is a potent formula acts on the body in an effective way and provides total recovery and replenishes it with nutrients. It helps in enhancing the growth and repair. This product stimulates the muscle protein synthesis that assists in packing the lean muscles. One nice aspect regarding this product is that it strengthens your immune system in a great way and provides you great strength and power.

The Benefits

  • Recovers muscle mass
  • Revitalizes your body
  • Provides quick delivery of nutrients
  • Provides faster muscle growth
  • Stimulates protein synthesis
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Enhances growth and repair
  • Lessens muscle breakdown
  • Provides superior anabolic growth
  • Provides vital nutrients
  • Boosts energy in the body

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