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EXtreme MXL is the most perfect and complete pre-training supplement for seriously training athletes. The multicomponent composition of our product diversifies the muscle tissue, providing new growth, improved functioning, and muscle recovery.

The list of the main properties of the product in question includes the activation of sexual attraction in men. Due to direct work with male hormones, in particular, testosterone. In addition, these pills successfully strengthen the arterial blood supply of the prostate and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Careful and full-fledged work with blood vessels and blood, in EXtreme MXLparticular, provides an opportunity for a powerful muscle growth, as well as the main male muscle – the penis. Since the blood moves to the muscles directly.

Additionally, EXtreme MXL under consideration has a positive effect on the immune system, restores joints, and eliminates inflammation and pain.

So, with this kind of support for the health of all the joints and ligaments of your body, you will be able to maintain a high level of endurance throughout the day, regardless of how many things you have planned.

Due to its unique composition, the product advantageously differs from the mass of similar biologically active supplement. That increases potency in men presented in the modern market.

What is EXtreme MXL?

EXtreme MXL is the complex of L-citrulline and malate, L-norvaline and L-Arginine. That promotes the activation of energy production at the cellular level. The mechanism of action of this supplement has a base on the ability of its active components to stimulate the Krebs cycle, increase the level of ATP.

Moreover, these pills can reduce the level of lactate in tissues and blood plasma and prevent the development of metabolic acidosis. In addition to everything else, this biologically active capsules contributes to the formation and excretion of urea from the body.

EXtreme MXL contribute to the removal of metabolic products from the body, stimulates the formation of energy in cells. And it eliminates the feeling of fatigue and emotional lability increases efficiency.

Components of the pill have a tonic effect, increases endurance, promotes rapid recovery of the body. In addition, amino acid stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs and male genital organs, contributing to a fast and prolonged erection.

Substances or rather amino acids in the composition of these capsules favorably affect the function of the prostate gland. Plus, it stimulates the synthesis of the male sex hormone – testosterone. An increase in its level in the blood is responsible for the potency.

Ingredients of EXtreme MXL

L-Citrulline is an amino acid derived from the combination of the amino acid ornithine and carbamoyl phosphate. In the body, this occurs during the urinary cycle, so the body gets rid of nitrogenous waste.

Excess L-citrulline, obtained from the supplement, allows the urinary cycle to remove ammonia produced by the muscles working in the training before it has the effect of fatigue. There is a consisting of three nitrogen molecules.EXtreme MXL

In turn, Malate or malic acid is a salt compound. That is often used as a food preservative, because of its apples and some other fruits have an acidic taste.

Adding Malate to citrulline gives great stability in the human body. In addition, there is a suggestion that malate also helps to fight fatigue. Because of that, EXtreme MXL promotes the recycling of lactic acid.

L-norvaline, which is part of the formula, acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme arginase. Arginase is limited by a production of nitric oxide (NO).

If this restriction removes, the body will be able to absorb more arginine, and NO production will increase by as much as 60%.

The amino acid L-Arginine is indispensable for both children and adults alike.

However, for adults – conditionally replaceable. After 35 years, there is a significant reduction in its synthesis in the body, old age and chronic diseases aggravate the situation. But one of the main properties of L-Arginine is that it is one of the most effective stimulants of the production of the growth hormone pituitary or growth hormone.

How Does EXtreme MXL Work?

In principle, the direct action of EXtreme MXL depends on the properties of the incoming ingredients. So, for example, by accelerating the release of ammonia, citrulline from sports nutrition can delay the moment of reducing the activity of hydrogen in the muscles.EXtreme MXL

In turn, this happens during intense physical work. When the activity of hydrogen falls, the muscle becomes acidic, and fatigue comes.

In 2010, Spanish scientists conducted a study in which they studied the influence of this process on the strength training of men.

The subjects performed the bench press. The group that took citrulline did 50% more repetitions after passing the muscle failure point than the group given the placebo.

L-Citrulline is also a by-product when the body processes an amino acid such as arginine in nitric oxide (NO).

A number of studies show that an excess of citrulline increases the amount of arginine in the blood. That leads to an increase in the production of nitric oxide.

You may have heard that the more nitrogen oxide, the more blood flow to the muscles during training. This allows the muscle tissue to remain under the load for longer and better to be pumped with blood.

Benefits of using EXtreme MXL

  • The considered the biologically active supplement for muscles is a fast-acting multicomponent source of strength and energy. It can increase the production of nitric oxide to 60%.
  • In connection with the regular reception of this product you provides with the acquisition of a harder and harder musculature, and also improve mental focus and concentration.
  • Among other things, the complex of essential amino acids increases strength, stimulates new muscle growth.
  • Moreover, it is possible to overcome the natural limitation in the production of nitric oxide by the body.
  • EXtreme MXL is a donor of nitrogen, supplies nitrogen with a system of enzymes that synthesize the NO group. The main substance that regulates the tone of arterial blood vessels, on which the diastolic pressure depends.
  • This pill participates in the cycle of transamination and removal of the final nitrogen from the body. Decay products of waste proteins. From this action depends on the ability of the body to create urea and cleanse of protein slag.
  • Plus, viewed capsules improves mood, makes a person more active, more initiative and more enduring, as it increases the speed of recovery of damaged tissues.
  • This product for men is effective for the intensification of spermatogenesis.
  • Moreover, the solution to this problem does not require much effort. It prolongs the time of sexual intercourse, enhances pleasant sensations, and makes orgasm longer and deeper.
  • EXtreme MXL regulates the production of hormones. Nitric oxide excites erogenous zones and instantly the signal enters the hypothalamus. Hypothalamic-pituitary zone controls the functioning of the glands producing hormones.
  • And this muscle building product strengthens the immune system. Because Nitric oxide stimulates the production of macrophages and necrophiles of cells that absorb substandard, dead cells and removes them from the body.

Result and Recommendations

Result of using EXtreme MXL

Users note the incredible work that the capsules under consideration realize with the muscles. Literally, for one course of admission, namely, it is about one – two months.

Indeed, this short time is enough for you to get the maximum benefit from training. As for the increase in muscles, it is not just about your body, but also about the penis. Users claim that their penis has grown a little. EXtreme MXL

Thanks to a good blood filling of the penis vessels, the sensuality of the sexual organ increases during sex, and orgasm become more vivid.

Among other things, this product for men is effective for the intensification of spermatogenesis.

Moreover, the solution to this problem does not require much effort. It is enough only 3-4 capsules taken 40 minutes before sexual intercourse.

And this can increase the strength and duration of the blood filling of the genital organs in men. In addition to solving the problem of spermatogenesis.

EXtreme MXL prolong the time of sexual intercourse, enhance pleasant sensations, and make orgasm longer and deeper.

This product is especially effective in emotional lability, weakness, drowsiness, increased fatigue, and reduced efficiency. At the same time, users note the universality of pills, since its use is possible at any age.

Plus, a quick effect – an erection occurs a few minutes after admission, and muscle growth is noticeable after the first course. And they also note a long duration of action – the substances of this agent potentiate the action of each other.


After oral administration, EXtreme MXL well absorbs in the intestine. Peak plasma concentrations are noted 45 minutes after oral administration. About excretion, this process carries out mainly by the kidneys for 5 or 6 hours.

We should note that patients usually well tolerate this product, in a few cases, there was a development of discomfort in the stomach.

In turn, the list of contraindications nevertheless exists. For example, increased individual sensitivity to the components of the supplement. People suffering from a peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum should not take this product.

Among other things, the product prohibits for use by minors and pregnant women. Yes, this product is for adult men only, who want to become the owners of a beautifully embossed body at all times.

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